We are back in the swing of things now after taking a few days off for our anniversary. We went to White Water State Park, just north of St Charles, MN (about a half hour east of Rochester).

We camped in a spot just along the river and got to wander up and down the waterway. It was fun and very relaxing. There were two specific things that we will remember.

The first one is that there really were NO MOSQUITOES there. It was amazing!

The second thing is that we made the best tasting chicken and potatoes that we have ever made.

We spent a day wandering through the trails and such and even went looking for the DNR geocache there. Unfortunately, the woods were too deep for our GPS and we failed to find anything (Sorry mom).

The new truck was great. It rides quite nice and it is very roomy and comfortable.

Now we go back to work. Luckily I can work from home next week so I don’t have to “brave the traffic” from the RNC…