Ismail Ax

Hm. “Ismail Ax” was evidently scrawled on the VT gunman’s arm. I heard a suggestion in reference to the Bible, where Ismail (Ishmael) is the eldest son of Abraham (or Ibrahim in Arabic) via Sarah’s servant Hagar.

As Christians, we know that demons are still at work in the world today. What if Ismail Ax is a demon’s name? There are few demon names mentioned in the Bible, perhaps the most well known being Legion.

Demons definately know Jesus Christ.  They also are in the habit of sowing deceit and uncertainty.  It would certainly explain a lot if Ismail Ax is a demon.  One of Cho’s lines in something sent to CNN was “You have vandalized my heart, raped my soul and torched my conscience, you thought it was one pathetic boy’s life you were extinguishing. Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people.”

I am by no means trying to trivialize this tragedy, nor am I pointing blame to something that many people in the world don’t believe in.  Even in saying this, I expect to get some flame mail…