A bit of a Russian Conspiracy

I was talking with my coworker many years ago about my German studies and his Russian studies.  He was a Russian translator in the US Army and I was just a lowly 3rd year German student in high school.  He brought up something funny about the Russian / Engish dictionary that he has.  He said that the Russian word for German sits inbetween some interesting words.  I have transcribed the part of the dictionary with what I believe is the correct pronunciation and meanings:

НЕМEЗЙДА – /Nemezejda/ – Nemesis
НЕМEРКНYЩИЙ – /Nemerknushchaij/ – Never fading, undying
НЕМETb – /Nemete’/ – To be dumbfounded or to become dumb
HЕМEЦ – /Nemets/ – German
НЕМЙЛOCTИBЫЙ – /Nemjelostiveje/ – Ungracious, Unmerciful
НЕМЙЛOCTb – /Nemjeloste/ – Disfavor, Disgrace
НЕМИHYEMЫЙ – /Neminujemij/ – Inevitable, Unavoidable

Like I said above, it’s a conspiracy!