Getting Ready for the Wedding

Yesterday capped off the last stop for me to get ready for my wedding this summer.  I spent 3 hours in the dentist chair again.  This time they filled 3 cavities and did a cleaning, the first in nearly 10 years I think. My jaw still hurts, but it is getting better. I was getting compliments on my teeth quality throughout though.  They looked really good for not having gone to the dentist for 10 years or more.  The only thing that I needed to work on is flossing. 

Tuesday afternoon was spent at the eye doctor.  My eyes have officially not changed since 9th grade.  I have the same prescription.  I got new contacts and Becca and I will be picking out my new glasses sometime in the near future.  In the mean time, my contacts are working well.  I got the new silicone based material, which allows for much better breathablity.

So yeah, I am getting all fixed up!

  • Mon

    I recommend getting new socks and unders before the wedding too – then you’ll be all set!

  • Mir

    What does she know.. Cheesh 🙂

  • Justin Morken

    We all know that the dentists are in bed with the floss manufacturers… that’s why they always tell EVERYONE to floss more… they want you to buy more floss, thus padding their already full pockets even more!