Jonn is Sick today.

I am not feeling well. On Friday as I was driving up north to my parent’s house, my cough got the best of me. I had to stop and get some of the quill’s (dayquill and nyquill).

If I didn’t have this semi-major fire at work today, I would be at home in bed.

  • Donna

    hi..hope not bother you..I just link your site from friend’s site. My name is Donna,and live in Asian.I read your blog that the title of timing.And I see your faith for God.because I’m the only one of christians in my family.I like to read people’s religion lives.They really encourage me.I’m so surprised that I also have read the book name “Boy meets Girl” which was translated in Chinese.It lets me think of new thoughts.Anyway.hope God leads your life forever.God bless you.